Welcome to Mickey McGuire’s!

For over 25 years, Mickey McGuire’s Cheese has been a purveyor of’ fine cheeses in Southwestern Ontario.  Carrying over 400 varieties of cheese – local, Canadian, imported – from your old favourites to World Gold Medal winners.

Proprietor Mike McGuire travels the world to find interesting, unusual, and artisanal cheeses in every category: soft , blue , hard , goat /sheeps milk , pasteurized /unpasteurized.  There’s something for everyone at Mickey McGuire’s:  

  • local “100 mile” favourites such as Gold Medal winning Brie and aged cheddars (to 10 years) 
  • in-house specials such as our McGuire’s Smoked Cheddar and Hot & Spicy Cheddars 
  • artisanal favourites such as Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog goat, and Roaring Forties Tasmanian Blue
  • wine and cheese favourites such as Vente d’Estada (hay-wrapped XXX), Tomme aux Marc du Raison (Italian cheese aged in casks lined with wine grape must), Mango-Ginger Stilton
  • British favourites such as Huntsman, Stilton, Shropshire, Dubliner and Highland Chief
  • Canadian favourites such as Oka, La Sauvagine and cheese curds
  • Classics such as multi-gold medal winner Premier Cru Gruyere, Saint Agur blue and Parmiggiano-Reggiano
  • lactose-free cheeses such as Lappi and non-cow’s milk cheeses including Ossau d’Iraty French sheep’s milk, Chevre Noir Goat

Let our trained staff help you find that special cheese to enjoy!

Enjoy Cheese at McGuire's!

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